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Shenandoah District of the Wesleyan Church

Mission Trip Fundraising Ideas


Fundraising is a fantastic team-building event!  All team members should be strongly encouraged to participate even if they do not need the financial assistance.  Here are just a few ideas:


  • Support Letters: 

    • Sending support letters allows the opportunity for those who are not going to be a part of your team through prayer and/or financial support.

    • Send letters for support to family and friends; neighbors; schoolmates; civic organizations; doctors; dentists; etc. 

    • Be specific in your requests for money so they know how their donations support your individual needs.

    • Your donation letter should include a self-addressed stamped envelope and make sure they receive a thank-you card that includes a receipt for tax purposes.


  • Yard Sale

    • Gather donated items to sell or rent spaces in your fellowship hall.

    • Selling food and baked goods is always a good addition to these events.


  • Holiday bake sales

    • Chocolate-Covered Easter Eggs (Recipes can be found online for making varieties of chocolate covered eggs).

    • Christmas candies, chocolate suckers, chocolate covered pretzels, etc.


  • Car Wash

    • Can also be paired with the yard sale.

    • Often, asking for a donation instead of a set price is more profitable.


  • Bake Sale

    • Can also be paired with yard sale and car wash.

    • This is a great opportunity for friends and family to help make things.


  • Benefit Concert

    • Church choir or praise band.


  • Spaghetti/Barbecue Dinner

    • Selling tickets in advance will help you plan.

    • Sell meals or baked goods for take-out. Take pre-orders in order to meet the demand.



  • Silent Auction

    • Gather donated items or bring back items from trips to sell for next year.


  • Lunch After Church

    • Offer a lunch for donations after a worship service and have team members prepare and serve the meal.


  • Collecting change

    • Collect dimes and quarters in various containers for your mission:  jars, m & m containers; baby bottles. Relate the container to the mission


  • Sell packaged goods


  • Find a restaurant that will donate a percentage of the cost of a meal or provide a meal such as CiCi’s Pizza or Applebee’s.


  • Grocery store donations

    • Bag Groceries for donations.

    • Sell pre-loaded grocery cards for a percentage of the profits:  Kroger Cares for one example

    • With a written request on church letterhead, Wal Mart and Kroger’s will donate gift cards to support your fundraiser


  •  T-shirt sales

    •  Design a shirt specific to the mission.

    •  Have local businesses donate money to print the shirts to increase profits.


  • Flower sales

    • Partner with a local greenhouse for flower sales at the Holidays (Easter and Christmas). 

    • Take orders in advance and when flowers are delivered they can be left in the church to decorate for the Holiday and picked up after the last service prior to the Holiday.


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