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Shenandoah District of the Wesleyan Church

Church Partnerships with El Salvador

                  El Salvador, named for the Savior, is a beautiful country whose people are as warm as its climate. We believe God has given us a unique opportunity in the Shenandoah District to partner with His Church in this country to help these dear people come to know Jesus Christ, the Savior.

                  An important aspect of our partnership is the relationship we establish with individual churches in El Salvador. We need Shenandoah churches that are willing to come alongside and “adopt” Salvadoran Wesleyan churches, to help them as they grow and minister.

                  Adopting a church means:

                                    *Sharing each other’s burdens and supporting each other mutually in prayer, even establishing individual prayer partners between the congregations

                                    *Supporting special projects and giving financial support, either annually or on a monthly basis

                                    *Sending mission teams to the sister church to work and minister

The Wesleyan Church in El Salvador is being used to carry the Gospel in amazing ways both within the country and beyond its borders, in spite of very limited resources. Would your church be willing to support them and share in the work?

                  If you and/or your church feel led to take an active role in our District’s partnership with El Salvador, please contact Sarah Torres at for more information, and to begin the journey of working with the people of this beautiful country in God’s service.

La Cima 

Location: La Cima 1, El Salvador 

Pastor Fredy Viera y Yanira Viera

Partnership with ReClaim Church in Barboursville, WV


Jehovah Jireh 

Location: Rosario de la Paz, El Salvador 

Pastor Noe and Zarvia Alvarado

Partnership: Baywood Wesleyan in Galax, VA


Tabernáculo de Adoración

Location: Cojutepeque, El Salvador 

Pastor Ricardo Moisa y Tanya Moisa

Partnership: Penn Forest Wesleyan 




Templo de Poder 

Location: Jiquilisco, El Salvador 

Pastor Rene and Zoila Melendez

Partnership: Parkway Staunton in Staunton, VA




 Tabernáculo de Adoración 

Location: San Salvador, El Salvador 

Pastor Rene Melendez

Partnership: Christ Community Church in Williamsburg, VA 



 Tabernáculo de Adoración 

Location: Cangrejera, El Salvador 

Preaching Point with no building 

Pastor Zoila Melendez 

Partnership is still needed for this church 



Cristo Te Ama

Location: San Miguelito, El Salvador 

Pastor Zoila Melendez

Partnership is still needed for this church


Iglesia Wesleyana Fuente de Vida 

Location: Jucuapa, El Salvador 

Lay Leader Luis and Xenia Laines

Partnership is still needed for this church 



Jesus es mi Salvación 


Location: La Cima 3, El Salvador 

Pastor Alvaro Amaya

Partnership: ReClaim Wesleyan Church in Huntington, WV 



Misión Evangelica Wesleyana El Refugio 
Iglesia Revelación de Dios 

Location: Triunfo, El Salvador 

Pastor Elizardo and Flor

Partnership is still needed for this church 



Iglesia Wesleyana Gracia y Paz


Location: Lourdes Colon, El Salvador 

Pastor Nestor and Elsy Arias  

Partnership: Is still needed with this church 



Location: Santa Tecla, El Salvador 

Pastor Mario and Maria Garcia 

Partnership is still needed for this church 



Misión Evangelica Wesleyana El Refugio 


Location: Santa Ana, El Salvador 

Pastor Carlos and Ana Maria Flores  

Partnership: Is still needed with this church 



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